Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Cancer fight begins again.

I havent wrote a blog post in a while and l'm sorry, it seems as though life just passes me by and before l know it days turn into weeks. Once again l am fighting Cancer, we were told about a month ago that my Cancer was back, l had some surgery a week or so ago and tomorrow l start on a very long road of Chemo. Its going to be a long hard journey and l am fighting all the way.

I will be having Chemo up in London at UCH Hospital, l will be in hospital for a week, then come home for about two weeks and then back up to London for a week and this cycle will contiue right up to Christmas and beyound.

My Chemo starts tomorrow.

When we found out that the Cancer had come back and that l would need Chemo and all my body hair would fall out, l made the choice of shaving my head before hand as l didnt want to wait and wake up one day with no hair, so last night Jason shaved my hair off, l have some head scarf's to wear on days when l feel not up to going out with out one.

Aston our 6 yr old think its great fun wearing one of my head scarf's as he thinks he's a pirate, all he needs now is a parrot on his shoulder LoL

Toodles for now x