Thursday, 26 July 2012

I'm a happy hooker with lots of W.I.P's!

Good morning on this wonderfully hotty day were having here in the UK, in fact it's unbearably hot but here in the UK we are never Happy with our weather systems are we?
It rains - we moan,
It's windy - we moan,
It's the wrong kind of rain - we moan,
It snows - we moan,
It's hot - we moan,
It's the one thing that us British can do is moan about the weather!
Anyway enough of the weather and down to business :)
At the moment l am as the title suggests a rather

 - the one of the crochet variety and not one of 'the lady of the night' variety ;)
I'm taught myself to crochet just over 2 years ago now through the help of YouTube and of course Attic24. l don't think there is a day goes by when l don't have a hook in my right hand! I think anyone learning a new craft cant expect super duper makes over night, l mean those first 'granny squares' l attempted looked like something out of a car crash, they soon met their fate at the bottom of the wheely bin after l threatened to throw all my yarn and hooks in the garden, pour petrol on them, light a match and do a war dance round the fire of doom.
When you do learn new things it takes time, effort and a lot of practise and not to mention a few swear words that are unprintable at the time of writing this post.
I've learnt what the different crochet terms mean too along with great debate about different yarns to use, hook sizes and much more.
l don't think there comes a point when you stop learning either.
Now if anyone who crafts and who makes what ever they do just has one project on the go then l bow down to you now.
Do l have just one project on the go l hear you all cry?
To hell do I LOL I have lots and lots of W.I.P's but that's the way l am and l am sure there are lots of you lovely readers out there that are in the same boat as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The above W.I.P's is a blanket of love, Granny's Squares that are being made into a blanket and sent to to help with their campaign for 2012, l also plan to make another couple of blankets for them too.
The above photo of lovely goodness is being made and sent to another Charity that I'm involved in I've also knitted a couple of Jean Greanhowe's Knitted clowns in the past to send to them.
 Phew...and finally the above squares along with more squares will be made up into blankets and sent to other Charities who take donations for their much needed cause.

Well there is some much needed excitement, fretting, and stressing going on here at Wiggles Towers, we are going on our family holiday to Hemsby, near Gt Yarmouth real soon.
I hear you all cry....have you done your packing...well No not the packing of the clothes variety anyway, who needs clothes when your trying to decide what crochet goodyness projects to take with me LOL

Any way toodles for now

Friday, 20 July 2012

Meet My Inspriation Behind Wiggles Towers x

Meet my inspiration behind Wiggles Towers.
Wiggles was a cat l had when l was younger, she followed me every where and became my best friend, l could tell her everything and she wouldn't tell a sole.
Sadly Wiggle is no longer with us but her spirit lives on in the Wiggles name that l use on my own advetures around the internet.
So if you see the Wiggles name, ie Wiggles Towers or Wigglescrochet - l use this name on the knitting/crochet forum Ravelry, just remeber its ME,
 there is only one Wiggles.

Toodles for now


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My very own Granny Stripe Ta-da Moment

Hello my lovely friends out there andthanks for popping on by for my second post in two days!
l wanted to share my very own Ta-Da moment with you......
My Granny Stripe Blanket.
l'm offically a Granny Striper!!!!!!!
l started this blanket way back in March, infact the very same day l started Radiotherapy.
As you can see from the pictures which have been taken on my mobile phone, it is a lovely, lovely, eye-popping, colourful, super blanket.
l have loved the way that all of the colours l used have come togther like the colours of a rainbow...going off topic a bit.. my Grandad always used to say that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, if only this was true.
I found the pattern for my Granny stripe from the wonderful inspiring blog of Lucy from Attic24...the blog is in my favourite blogs in the sidebar to the right . Please do go on over and have a look.
For this project l used a yarn called 'Special' by Stylecraft, it is lovely and soft and doesnt have that 'scratchy' feel that some other acrlic yarns do.
l used a size 4mm hook.
As Lucy's pattern suggests l began with a chain of 240.
The colours that l used were and in no particular order: Aspen, Meadow, Spring Green, Aster, Cloud Blue, Turquoise, Lavender, Sherbet, Wisteria, Plum, Magenta, Clematis, Shrimp, Pomegranate, Fondant, Lipstick and Saffron.
l have purchased the yarn a few times from the following websites and l can highly recommend each one, both of their service is second to none.

For the edging of the blanket l crocheted treble clusters in 'cloud blue'
l took the above photo one afternoon when the weather was rainy, dull and very cold, even though it is suposed to be summer here in the uk, feels more like Autumn really.
Now that l've finished my beloved Granny Stripe Blanket l have of course started another so the colourful journey begins again in between other crafty projects.
So here comes my finaly photo, my Granny Stripe Blanket in all its glory.

Toodles for now xx


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Meet our new doggie called Paddy!

Meet the newest member of our animal family, Paddy the year and half Lab/Cross Doggie who we adopted 3 1/2 weeks ago.
As some of you know we sadly lost our beloved Chico and Disney in the space of 2 weeks last year, a very sad time. Shortly after this we found out that my Cancer was back it couldnt have been a worse time but as the saying goes ''onwards and upwards'' .
Over the last year we have on a number of occasions come very close in adopting other dogs but thought the time wasnt right.......
That was until 3 weeks ago when Jason was looking online and came across an advert on one of these 'free ad sites', someone wanting to rehome a dog for free, we thought something must be wrong, why do people do this?
Well Jason rang and spoke to a lady about the advert and before we knew we were on our way to meet with the owner.
When we arrived the lady came out with Paddy who was bouncing around like a mad thing!!
We were told that the ladies daughter had Paddy from 8 weeks old and couldnt take him to her new home that she was renting, well you know us Paddy came home with us and is now a very big part of our lives.
We couldnt have wished for a more gentle, very loving dog who follows me ever where.... even to the loo and for some reason he seems to be a real mummy's boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paddy is very gentle around our son and Aston likes nothing else but to be all over Paddy from the moment he gets up, to the moment he gets home from school, l can see a firm friendship building there between them both.
Thw whole atmosphere around our home seems different since Paddy came to live with us and adopted us as his family.
Paddy will be coming on our family holiday down by the seaside in a few weeks time so do pop on over to WigglesTowers and read about all of Paddy's advetures by the sea.
Welcome to your new home Paddy....
We love you very much and hope you will be happy here in this mad abode.

Toodles for now x

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Time flys by when your having fun!!!!!!!!

Can someone please tell me where the time goes, l have no idea at all, it's almost like wishing our life away when you sit back and take time to think about whats happened in your life. It seems like a lifetime since l last blogged away and it almost is LOL

Since the last time l wrote way way back in April (ouchy) l finaly finished Radiotherapy, been to see my Liver Consultant, Oncology Consultant and Gynea Consultant, l dont think there is anyone left at the hospital l havent seen!!! All's well and happy. l am due to have MRI scans in August and then go back for the results at the end of August, l know this will be a trying time for us as it will be the 1st proper check up since being diagnosed with Cancer for the second time! Two years l've been fighting this arwful arwful disease, two long long years. Well to be honest l'm trying not to let things get to me. l think there hasnt been a month gone by in the last two years where l havent been at the hospital for one thing and another.

We have a lovely holiday by the seaside to look forward to in a few weeks and to be honest l cannot wait to go and see the sea, l am deffinatly a seaside person....oooooo we must go to Harry Ramesdams for fish and chips and then there are of course seaside doughnuts to add to the list.

Now that l'm almost out of the hospital bubble l seem to have lots of time on my hands to do the things l like to do and l promise l'll update my blog more often and let you all know what is happening in Wiggles world.

Toodles for now