Monday, 12 September 2011

Having My 2nd Round Of Chemo Now

Well its been a while since l last blogged and in that time l have started Chemo, got the first round out of the way and here l am on my second round of Chemo, does time fly when your having fun.....NOT

You dont have to read or look at the photos, if they put you off then look at something else, l wanted to share my Cancer/Chemo story, if l can help someone who reads this and is about to go through the same thing as l am going through then it has made the past 15 months worth while.

As you can see from the photos l am attatched to all sorts of wired and wonderful concoctions, the large bag of fluid which is linning my bladder and protecting it, the blue bag is one of the Chemo drugs going through and the smaller bag of fluid is a flush going through after l have the antidote to the Chemo drugs, first round l went a bit do lally and was away with the fairies for a few days so now they have decided to anitidote me every 6 hours, day and night for my duration of Chemo.

The second photo is a photo of my wonderful arm which has a PIC line in, the PIC line is used for the Chemo drugs and the other line in is used for the anitidote.

l come into hospital on a monday, like today! and the chemo is given everyday for the next 3/4 days depending on how l get on with it, so l am hooked up to this wonderful and now my loyal friend..... The Drip Stand for the rest of the week.

I have a lovely view here from the 16th floor here at UCH in London of the London skyline, l can see BT Tower, Wembly, Big Ben, London Eye, l'll take some photos and blog about them at a later date.

Toodles for now xx