Thursday, 28 November 2013

What a year l'm having!!!!!!

Well well l hadn't realised how long it has been since l last wrote a blog post, l thought 'ouchy' when it was way back in April since l last 'blogged'.

As the title suggests l am having one of those years and l wish l could have bought better news but sad to say no. In March of this year we were told that my Cancer was back for a third time and that this time it is incurable. The Cancer has now spread to my lungs, out side of my bowel and of all the places to get it, its now in/around my belly button.

I am currently under going Chemo, this is my second lot of Chemo in three and a half years. l am currently due to have Chemo on the 16th December. I have been told that l face a whole year of Chemo.

From  the very beginning when l was first told about the Cancer in May 2010 l have always said
 'lm not going down with out a darn good fight'
for now

Saturday, 13 April 2013

A few of My Favourite Things
Where do l start!
Top of my list has to be the two men in my life, my boys l wouldnt know where l would be with out them.
I love getting new yarn to squish and look at along with a few ahhhs and a few oooos!
My Paddy who came to live with us last June, he follows me every where and l mean every where! he's a real mummy's boy and the light of my life. We love animals here at wiggles towers.
Meet my Girls, Dolly - white guinea piggy, Twiggy - browny guinea piggy and Sandy the darker one, you can only see Sandy's bum:)
 I love doing a spot of crochet now and again, infact its very addictive indeed. l taught myself to crochet three years ago when l was first diagnosed with cancer. Here's a blanket l made during one of my many stays in hospital.
As you can see these are a few of my favourite things that keep me happy in life

Toodles for now


Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Monsters are Coming!!!

I started Knitting Monsters two years ago while l was undergoing Chemo as l wanted something to do while l was in hospital.
I came across the above book from a friend who was talking about it on a knitting forum l go on, when l first got the book l didnt take to it as it talked about knitting in the magc loop method, l've only every knitted on two long needles before and l couldnt be doing with trying a new method. The book - The Big Book Of Knitted Monsters by Rebbeca Danger.
Just before l went into hospital l took the plunge and tried the Magic Loop method and knitted the  Monster called Claude he is with Dot whom a very dear friend knitted for me before l went into hospital for the Chemo.
Well to be honest l havent looked back from since knitting Claude and to say l'm hooked is an understatment!! l love love love knitting Monsters and have knitted well over 40 Monsters to date. A few of the Monsters have gone to live with my son in his bedroom!
The other Monsters have all now flown the nest and have gone to live with other people. The above photo if my son Aston with one of the Monsters l knitted him.
The above Monsters went off to live in America with two sweet little girls who's mother l know through the knitting forum Ravelry.
The above Monsters went of to live with a very special boy called Charles his story can be found here
 Mlatest Monster is caled Vienetta, she's Vinny V's second cousin twice removed, The Vinny V pattern is from Rebecca;s New book below.
Over the coming months l am quite sure that l will be posting more about my love for Knitted Monsters.

Toodles for now


Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Sad Day Here At Wigglestowers

It's been a while since l last came on and blogged. a lot has gone on in this time one way or another!
It has been with heavy heart that l no longer design and make bears. My bears were infact my first love but due to health reasons l can no longer make them.
The pictures here in this post are of the bears l have made in the past, l hope you all like looking through them while your reading away!
I have been thinking for a while now about my crafting and what l like to make and as you all know l love my crafting but l have felt for a long time now that l had become ''jack of all trades master on none'' as they say. and during this break from blogging l have made a big choice.
My health isnt getting any better and since having Chemo two years ago it seems as l cant concentrate as much and for as long as l used to and l find if l do lots of things l tend to get stressed and l really dont want that any more.
Dont worry l'm not giving up my crafting all together, no way l couldnt do that, l'd be like a lost little sheep with no where to roam lol
l will still continue to knit Monsters and make Sock Creatures and do the odd bit of crochet here and there.
Come back again real soon and hear all about my journey in to Knitting Monsters.
Toodles for now

Thursday, 25 October 2012

It's all go here at Wiggles Towers

Well here at Wiggles Towers it is non - stop.
I'm always a busy busy busy bee at the time of year with sewing stock for the craft fairs do, making Christmas gifts, trying to keep my facebook page updated, hospital appointments you name it l do it, as l sometimes say
''l'm a jack of all trades and master of none''
A few weekends ago l was asked if l would like a stall at a craft event at the rather posh Luton Hoo, it was the annual Pumpkin and Apple Gale Day 2012, l have never done this event before but l thought why not just do it.
We arrived an hour before the event started as we were told we needed to be set up ready and waiting for the doors to open. On our way to Luton Hoo we both said to each other look at the weather and how awful it was. It was thick fog, frosty and very very chilly.
We sat up and lay in wait for the first visitor to come through the Marque where we were. Hour or so went by and not many peeps were coming round, we thought 'well that's it another event wasted'
About half an hour late it was packed and l mean packed, in the Marque where l was there were other crafts peeps selling there goods and out side there was Hog Roasts, Beer Tents, Burger Bars, Charities, a man who was dressed in a Bee Bumble outfit selling honey, well l felt sorry for him in a way as the weather came alive at lunchtime and was sunny and hot, so he must have been hot hot hot!!!!!
As you can see from the photo's my stall was full to bursting of all the things l was selling, l worked my pretty little socks off before hand making things for this Event.
So how well do you think l done?
All l came home with was one Sock Monkey and five of the Bears l make. l was stunned and still am on how well l done. l even made seven Sock Monkey's while l was there, l couldn't make them quick enough and some people waited for them as l was sewing asking 'how long will that one take you'
l am now busy sewing like a mad women possessed as my next fair is the 25th November and on the 8th December.
Got lots to make and today l have been sewing some different sock animals - a caterpillar and a snake!

Toodles fpr now

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Spider Webs

Spider Webs always fancinate the life out of me, you only seem to see them on cold misty/foggy days early in the morning when the air is quiet and still.
I took these photo's last Sunday on our way out, we were going to Aston's Boys Brigade service, l spotted these Spider Webs and thought l must take some pictures of them.
There were 100's all over the garden in serveral different places. it must take each spider all night to spin these webs, some are huge while others were small.
Sorry for a short post, l'm very busy getting ready for a craft fair l am doing on Saturday l only hope this bad rainy weather that we are having at the moment holds off or l can see the event being cancelled,
Toodles for now

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Back in the fold of doing Craft fairs

It's been quite sometime since l done a craft fair, in fact well before l started Chemo last year, doesn't time fly when your having fun!!
Anyway, l was asked if l would like to do a fair locally to where l live and l jumped at the chance but l only had 2 weeks to prepare for it. Oh hum l don't do things by half do l LOL
I set about getting all most bits and bobs sorted in ready for the fair, l sorted out some bears that l had, re-named them done fresh labels, l made sure that the monsters looked good enough to sell, l mean l made sure all the eyes were equal and not squ-wiffy:) and then came the sock monkey's, l made 33 sock monkey's in two weeks, l go to the stage where l was eating, sleeping and breathing sock monkeys but l love all this build up to a fair, l really do.
The photo below is the only one l took of the things that l made to sell, l meant to take some of the fair it self but l was so busy l didn't have time!
To begin with the fair started of slow, really slow then by lunchtime all hell broke lose and my feet didn't touch the ground LOL
All in all after taking the money for the stall out of my takings l made over £100, l couldn't believe it l was so chuffed l still cant believe it.
In the last few days l have had 4 people ask me if l can do more fairs and I'm due to do a larger one at Luton Hoo on 13th October, not long to go, l went out yesterday and bought 30 pairs of socks! l need to get my finger out and start sewing LoL
Toodles for now