Thursday, 27 October 2011

Happy Days - 4 down 2 more lots of Chemo to Go

I just completed my 4th round of chemo, yipeeeee only 2 more rounds to go.

My 3rd round didnt go well at all, l became very confused after they started one of the chemo drugs and then they decided to stop it altogether. I lost 2 and a half days where l didnt know who l was or what l was doing, aparently l got up to all sorts of mischief on the ward and to this day l still cant remember any thing about it all. On one accasion they found me on the floor in the middle of the night asleep!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Monday just gone l went along to the hospital thinking l was staying in for the week so l took all my case and knitting with me and was told that from now on l would be having chemo every 3 weeks for one day and after the chemo l could go home the very same day. Well l was so happy l couldnt believe it at all. l had my chemo then was aloud home straight away!!!! l've have felt not too bad at all really just a little sicky yesterday .

I cant believe how far l have come since starting chemo way back in August, all the ups and downs too and now my journey is almost half way, l face radiothearpy and major major surgery next january/february, but thats a long way off and at least l can hopefully enjoy Christmas this year with my family.

Toodles for now


P.s These are two of my favourite photo's from our holiday this year to Gt Yarmouth, \my boys mean the world to me xx