Thursday, 25 October 2012

It's all go here at Wiggles Towers

Well here at Wiggles Towers it is non - stop.
I'm always a busy busy busy bee at the time of year with sewing stock for the craft fairs do, making Christmas gifts, trying to keep my facebook page updated, hospital appointments you name it l do it, as l sometimes say
''l'm a jack of all trades and master of none''
A few weekends ago l was asked if l would like a stall at a craft event at the rather posh Luton Hoo, it was the annual Pumpkin and Apple Gale Day 2012, l have never done this event before but l thought why not just do it.
We arrived an hour before the event started as we were told we needed to be set up ready and waiting for the doors to open. On our way to Luton Hoo we both said to each other look at the weather and how awful it was. It was thick fog, frosty and very very chilly.
We sat up and lay in wait for the first visitor to come through the Marque where we were. Hour or so went by and not many peeps were coming round, we thought 'well that's it another event wasted'
About half an hour late it was packed and l mean packed, in the Marque where l was there were other crafts peeps selling there goods and out side there was Hog Roasts, Beer Tents, Burger Bars, Charities, a man who was dressed in a Bee Bumble outfit selling honey, well l felt sorry for him in a way as the weather came alive at lunchtime and was sunny and hot, so he must have been hot hot hot!!!!!
As you can see from the photo's my stall was full to bursting of all the things l was selling, l worked my pretty little socks off before hand making things for this Event.
So how well do you think l done?
All l came home with was one Sock Monkey and five of the Bears l make. l was stunned and still am on how well l done. l even made seven Sock Monkey's while l was there, l couldn't make them quick enough and some people waited for them as l was sewing asking 'how long will that one take you'
l am now busy sewing like a mad women possessed as my next fair is the 25th November and on the 8th December.
Got lots to make and today l have been sewing some different sock animals - a caterpillar and a snake!

Toodles fpr now

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Spider Webs

Spider Webs always fancinate the life out of me, you only seem to see them on cold misty/foggy days early in the morning when the air is quiet and still.
I took these photo's last Sunday on our way out, we were going to Aston's Boys Brigade service, l spotted these Spider Webs and thought l must take some pictures of them.
There were 100's all over the garden in serveral different places. it must take each spider all night to spin these webs, some are huge while others were small.
Sorry for a short post, l'm very busy getting ready for a craft fair l am doing on Saturday l only hope this bad rainy weather that we are having at the moment holds off or l can see the event being cancelled,
Toodles for now