Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Back in the fold of doing Craft fairs

It's been quite sometime since l done a craft fair, in fact well before l started Chemo last year, doesn't time fly when your having fun!!
Anyway, l was asked if l would like to do a fair locally to where l live and l jumped at the chance but l only had 2 weeks to prepare for it. Oh hum l don't do things by half do l LOL
I set about getting all most bits and bobs sorted in ready for the fair, l sorted out some bears that l had, re-named them done fresh labels, l made sure that the monsters looked good enough to sell, l mean l made sure all the eyes were equal and not squ-wiffy:) and then came the sock monkey's, l made 33 sock monkey's in two weeks, l go to the stage where l was eating, sleeping and breathing sock monkeys but l love all this build up to a fair, l really do.
The photo below is the only one l took of the things that l made to sell, l meant to take some of the fair it self but l was so busy l didn't have time!
To begin with the fair started of slow, really slow then by lunchtime all hell broke lose and my feet didn't touch the ground LOL
All in all after taking the money for the stall out of my takings l made over £100, l couldn't believe it l was so chuffed l still cant believe it.
In the last few days l have had 4 people ask me if l can do more fairs and I'm due to do a larger one at Luton Hoo on 13th October, not long to go, l went out yesterday and bought 30 pairs of socks! l need to get my finger out and start sewing LoL
Toodles for now


Nicole said...

Aww I can see your little Ravatar peeking out! I think he's my favourite :) Good going making £100, that's not to be sniffed at!! :D x

wendy said...

Awsome, love all of them!!


ElleS said...

That's amazing, well done! Those sock monkeys are so cute :)