Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Monsters are Coming!!!

I started Knitting Monsters two years ago while l was undergoing Chemo as l wanted something to do while l was in hospital.
I came across the above book from a friend who was talking about it on a knitting forum l go on, when l first got the book l didnt take to it as it talked about knitting in the magc loop method, l've only every knitted on two long needles before and l couldnt be doing with trying a new method. The book - The Big Book Of Knitted Monsters by Rebbeca Danger.
Just before l went into hospital l took the plunge and tried the Magic Loop method and knitted the  Monster called Claude he is with Dot whom a very dear friend knitted for me before l went into hospital for the Chemo.
Well to be honest l havent looked back from since knitting Claude and to say l'm hooked is an understatment!! l love love love knitting Monsters and have knitted well over 40 Monsters to date. A few of the Monsters have gone to live with my son in his bedroom!
The other Monsters have all now flown the nest and have gone to live with other people. The above photo if my son Aston with one of the Monsters l knitted him.
The above Monsters went off to live in America with two sweet little girls who's mother l know through the knitting forum Ravelry.
The above Monsters went of to live with a very special boy called Charles his story can be found here
 Mlatest Monster is caled Vienetta, she's Vinny V's second cousin twice removed, The Vinny V pattern is from Rebecca;s New book below.
Over the coming months l am quite sure that l will be posting more about my love for Knitted Monsters.

Toodles for now



ElleS said...

I'm so glad to see that you have started blogging again, welcome back! I love all of your monsters, they have such personality:) I hope to see loads more of them soon. Hope you're well,

Jennifer said...

Hi Wiggles! I just followed your link from the Attic 24 Rav group. Your monsters and stuffed toys are great! You are very talented. I'm really enjoying your blog. :)

wendy said...

I missed this post Julia and love those monsters. take care ♥