Saturday, 13 April 2013

A few of My Favourite Things
Where do l start!
Top of my list has to be the two men in my life, my boys l wouldnt know where l would be with out them.
I love getting new yarn to squish and look at along with a few ahhhs and a few oooos!
My Paddy who came to live with us last June, he follows me every where and l mean every where! he's a real mummy's boy and the light of my life. We love animals here at wiggles towers.
Meet my Girls, Dolly - white guinea piggy, Twiggy - browny guinea piggy and Sandy the darker one, you can only see Sandy's bum:)
 I love doing a spot of crochet now and again, infact its very addictive indeed. l taught myself to crochet three years ago when l was first diagnosed with cancer. Here's a blanket l made during one of my many stays in hospital.
As you can see these are a few of my favourite things that keep me happy in life

Toodles for now



wendy said...

Love your Paddy ☺ Nice to see you here wiggles!!
Keep up that wonderful spirit you have ♥

Jennifer said...

It's nice to see a new post from you. I agree, all of these things are very happy-making. I used to have a dog who looked very much like your Paddy and I miss him. I hope you're doing well.