Thursday, 28 November 2013

What a year l'm having!!!!!!

Well well l hadn't realised how long it has been since l last wrote a blog post, l thought 'ouchy' when it was way back in April since l last 'blogged'.

As the title suggests l am having one of those years and l wish l could have bought better news but sad to say no. In March of this year we were told that my Cancer was back for a third time and that this time it is incurable. The Cancer has now spread to my lungs, out side of my bowel and of all the places to get it, its now in/around my belly button.

I am currently under going Chemo, this is my second lot of Chemo in three and a half years. l am currently due to have Chemo on the 16th December. I have been told that l face a whole year of Chemo.

From  the very beginning when l was first told about the Cancer in May 2010 l have always said
 'lm not going down with out a darn good fight'
for now

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wendy said...

I love your spirit!! Keep that fighting going and we will keep our good vibes going your way every day xoxoxo