Monday, 7 February 2011

My Favourite Blogs

Good Evening My Wonderful Friends Out there
I'm often asked 'where do l get my inspiration from' and even this morning when l was at my Knit and Natter group someone there asked that very question to me and also said 'was l an artist' not sure about that, l usualy call myself ' jack of all trades master of none' lol.
Well the answer is easy, l get a lot of my inspiration from the blogs that l read. If you look at the side bar on my blog then you will see a list of the blogs that l love to read each day!
I love Attic24, Lucy's use of colour is outstanding and her lovely blog is a joy to read.
Then we come to Crochet with Raymond, l must have my daily fix of Raymond the cat each day.
All the other blogs are truly wonderful to read and l am sure that my list will grow and grow as l find new ones to read each day.
Please, when you have the time, do seek out and look at all the different blogs out there, they give you inspiration, make you laugh and bring joy to your little world each day and boy dont we need some cheer now and again.
Yesterday l finished a Meerkat that l have been knitting over the last few weeks, just need to stuff him and take some photo's, so come back again real soon to meet Simples the meerkat!!!
Ta Ta My lovelys

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pinkfluffywarrior said...

When I'm bored I like to play next blog. I go to the top of my own blog page and just click next blog. It only works with blogger I think, but I've found some lovely blogs that way!