Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My very first Crocheted Blanket is finished!!!!!

Hello there my lovely people
Sorry l've not been around but here at Wiggles Towers l've been on a bit of a creative streak and busy hooking away, and once l start l cant stop and there's never enough hours in the day is there for crafting!

Well l have to share with you all my very first finished crocheted blanket.....YIIIPPPEEEEEEEEE l have actual finished something that l started l cant believe it. I have lots of projects on the go from bear making to crochet and l usualy call myself 'jack of all trades master of none', l like lots of projects on the go as l can dip into each one when l like. Anyway enough of the waffle here are some pictures of my new blanket.

It's called a 'granny ripple blanket' that l have made and it is for me when l go out on my mobility scooter. I stumbled on this design on a crochet/knitting forum called Ravelry, oh you must go and visit Ravelry sometime its a great place to meet other like minded crafty people. The yarn l used is called Special by Stylecraft and l purchased it from Mason's. I did sit down and mixed and matched colours in the order l wanted to use them, something l have never done before. A truly lovely soft yarn to work with. My blanket measures 26'' by 49''. I am very pleased with the end result, very pleased indeed. The photo below is my blanket laid out in its full glory, oh and at the end of the blanket is our dear dog Disney!

Please come back real soon as my next post will be all about my favourite blogs, ta ta for now xx


pinkfluffywarrior said...

I think your blanket is stunning!!

Julie said...

It's gorgeous! The colors are fabulous, it's a superb afghan.

Shanti said...

The texture is amazing and the colors are delicious!!!

Congrats on being cancer free!!! yei!!

opal ogre said...

i love it! i am making a blanket too at the moment hopefully i will finish it x