Sunday, 20 February 2011

Our Rescue Doggies!

Hello my lovely friends out there
I came across these two photos the other day and thought it was about time l introduced you all to some of our animals that we live with. I've always had animals for as long as l can remember, when l was younger l had a rabbit called Smokey who always used to escape from his hutch and end up in nexts doors garden eating their vegetable patch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always had budgies too and remember decorating their cage when it was Christmas time!

Four years ago we adopted two dogs from the RSPCA at Southridge. The above photo is Chico, 14 year old cross breed and the photo below is Disney, a 19 year old cross breed, our other recued dog. She's sitting next to our beloved Harley who was at least 19 years when he sadly died last year.

When we popped along to the RSPCA to look for a dog we only ever intended to have one dog not two!

Disney and Chico were together in the same pen and has been together all their lives. They came from owners who had to go back to work full time and not from bad homes as some of the poor soles that were with the RSPCA. We also deicded to keep with their names too.

When we first saw Disney and Chico we knew right away that these were the dogs for us, l fell in love with both of them and Disney just melted my heart. After all the usual home checks and background checks that the RSPCA do before you adopt any of the animals in their care we were finaly aloud to bring our two doggies, Disney and Chico home.

I cant ever imagine life without animals, they bring such joy and love in to our lives and its a pleausre to be able to share their lives too.

Ta ta for now xx

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pinkfluffywarrior said...

Such cuties! There's something about doggy eyes that turns me to jelly!