Friday, 20 July 2012

Meet My Inspriation Behind Wiggles Towers x

Meet my inspiration behind Wiggles Towers.
Wiggles was a cat l had when l was younger, she followed me every where and became my best friend, l could tell her everything and she wouldn't tell a sole.
Sadly Wiggle is no longer with us but her spirit lives on in the Wiggles name that l use on my own advetures around the internet.
So if you see the Wiggles name, ie Wiggles Towers or Wigglescrochet - l use this name on the knitting/crochet forum Ravelry, just remeber its ME,
 there is only one Wiggles.

Toodles for now



wendy said...

Beautiful cat and nice to have such good memories ☺
My blog is called Ruff because of nickname my dad gave me ☺

by Teresa said...

Hi there.. good to see you're blogging. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

by Teresa said...
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