Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Meet our new doggie called Paddy!

Meet the newest member of our animal family, Paddy the year and half Lab/Cross Doggie who we adopted 3 1/2 weeks ago.
As some of you know we sadly lost our beloved Chico and Disney in the space of 2 weeks last year, a very sad time. Shortly after this we found out that my Cancer was back it couldnt have been a worse time but as the saying goes ''onwards and upwards'' .
Over the last year we have on a number of occasions come very close in adopting other dogs but thought the time wasnt right.......
That was until 3 weeks ago when Jason was looking online and came across an advert on one of these 'free ad sites', someone wanting to rehome a dog for free, we thought something must be wrong, why do people do this?
Well Jason rang and spoke to a lady about the advert and before we knew we were on our way to meet with the owner.
When we arrived the lady came out with Paddy who was bouncing around like a mad thing!!
We were told that the ladies daughter had Paddy from 8 weeks old and couldnt take him to her new home that she was renting, well you know us Paddy came home with us and is now a very big part of our lives.
We couldnt have wished for a more gentle, very loving dog who follows me ever where.... even to the loo and for some reason he seems to be a real mummy's boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paddy is very gentle around our son and Aston likes nothing else but to be all over Paddy from the moment he gets up, to the moment he gets home from school, l can see a firm friendship building there between them both.
Thw whole atmosphere around our home seems different since Paddy came to live with us and adopted us as his family.
Paddy will be coming on our family holiday down by the seaside in a few weeks time so do pop on over to WigglesTowers and read about all of Paddy's advetures by the sea.
Welcome to your new home Paddy....
We love you very much and hope you will be happy here in this mad abode.

Toodles for now x

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wendy said...

Oooh came back to say welcome to Paddy, beautiful dog and look forward to reading about all the fun ☺