Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Time flys by when your having fun!!!!!!!!

Can someone please tell me where the time goes, l have no idea at all, it's almost like wishing our life away when you sit back and take time to think about whats happened in your life. It seems like a lifetime since l last blogged away and it almost is LOL

Since the last time l wrote way way back in April (ouchy) l finaly finished Radiotherapy, been to see my Liver Consultant, Oncology Consultant and Gynea Consultant, l dont think there is anyone left at the hospital l havent seen!!! All's well and happy. l am due to have MRI scans in August and then go back for the results at the end of August, l know this will be a trying time for us as it will be the 1st proper check up since being diagnosed with Cancer for the second time! Two years l've been fighting this arwful arwful disease, two long long years. Well to be honest l'm trying not to let things get to me. l think there hasnt been a month gone by in the last two years where l havent been at the hospital for one thing and another.

We have a lovely holiday by the seaside to look forward to in a few weeks and to be honest l cannot wait to go and see the sea, l am deffinatly a seaside person....oooooo we must go to Harry Ramesdams for fish and chips and then there are of course seaside doughnuts to add to the list.

Now that l'm almost out of the hospital bubble l seem to have lots of time on my hands to do the things l like to do and l promise l'll update my blog more often and let you all know what is happening in Wiggles world.

Toodles for now


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Planet Penny said...

You've been through an awful lot. Best wishes for the future, and keep on crafting! x